Athletics are a very important part of any well rounded education. As Pope Saint John Paul II said, "The Church has always been interested in the problem of sport, because she prizes everything that contributes constructively to the harmonious and complete development of man, body and soul. She encourages, therefore, what aims at educating, developing and strengthening the human body, in order that it may offer a better service for the attainment of personal maturation."

At Saint John Central, our students have the opportunity to participate in many sports, including: Golf, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Bowling, Boys Track and Field, Girls Track and Field, Baseball, and Softball. 



Our students also have the opportunity to grow through participation in clubs outside of the classroom. A popular choice among all students is the High Adventure Club. One of the yearly highlights is the summer White Water Rafting trip. 

Other clubs include the History Club, the Interact Club, the Science Club, and an active Music Ministry.