The Catholic Faith

The Catholic Faith is at the heart of what we do at Saint John Central. Striving to echo the numerous Catholics who, throughout the centuries, have made great contributions to science and the arts, we focus on the Lord, who has made all these things possible for us. "Fides et Ratio" - Faith and Reason. Both of these pillars of intellectual life drive and sustain us.

From weekly Mass, to Class Retreats, to Lenten and Advent Days of Recollection, the Catholic Faith is an integral part of who we are and what we do here at Saint John.

Our Beautiful Church in which we celebrate Mass weekly.

Our Beautiful Church in which we celebrate Mass weekly.

Weekly Mass

An all school Mass is the center of every week here at Saint John. Students learn their Faith through participating in the Mass, the source and summit of all of the Christian life. 

Class Retreats

Yearly retreats as a class are another important pillar of the faith here at Saint John. This enables students to have a chance to grow in their faith with their classmates outside of the school and classroom setting. 

The Diocese of Steubenville

As a Catholic High School in the Diocese of Steubenville, students here participate in bigger events, like the Tournament of Truth, Catholic Schools Week, and the Annual Youth Rally. The Bishop occasionally surprises our students with a classroom visit or two as well.