Here at Saint John

All our Faculty are qualified to teach in their field and many hold advanced degrees and specializations. 




Father Timothy McGuire                    Father Dan Heusel                     Fr. Edward Maxfield, STL.

High School Pastoral Admin               Grade School Pastoral Admin            Chaplain


SJC Principal                                        Guidance Counselor                      Curriculum/Instruction

Mrs. Kim Leonard                                  Mrs. Carrie Ramsay                             Mrs. Theresa Young                                               

Finance Director                                                                                                    Finance Assistant

Mrs. Karen Gress                                                                                                     Mrs. Jennifer Beard


Support Staff

Administrative Assistant                                                       Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Tracie Cole                                                                        Mrs. Julie Curran


Psychologist                                                                             Nurse                                                                 

Mrs. Aureola Schuerle                                                              Mrs. Jamie Sokos


Speech Therapist                                                                     Custodians                                                       

Mrs. Diane Riethmiller                                                             Mr. Jeff Schramm

           Ms. Tammy Barries




English                                                                                     Math

Mrs. Beverly Green                                                      Mr. George Irvin

MA English – Jacksonville State University                                            BA Math/Economics – Franciscan University

                                                                                   Miss Rami Peckens

                                                                                                       BS Education Math and Science Major – Ohio University


Music                                                                                            Religion

Mr. Matt Berher                                                                   Sr. Pat Bartolo

BA Philosophy/Music/Theology – Franciscan University                                     MA English – Carnegie Mellon University


Science                                                                                        Social Studies

Dr. Robert Ball                                                                    Mr. Andrew Wilson

Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS – Medical College of Virginia                                           BS History Wheeling Jesuit University

BS Biology – Virginia Military Institute

Teaching Certificate – Biology/General Sciences

Mr. Dan Vitlip

BA Biology – Franciscan University


Spanish                                                                                       College Credit Plus –

Mrs. Gladys Kuhn                                                                       Sociology/Psychology

University of Panama – Spanish                                                             Mrs. Jennifer Falbo

                                                                                                      BA Political Science – Youngstown State University                                                                                                                     

Intervention Specialists                                                          Phys. Ed.           

Mrs. Dana Schnegg                                                                   Mr. Gary Krol

BS Education – Ohio University                                                                                           BACommuncations – University of Dayton      Intervention Specialist Cert. – Wheeling Jesuit University

Mrs. Sue Vavrek

BS Education – Ohio State University

MA Supervision – University of Dayton